August 2022 - $ATOM Stats

We’re back!

After last week's update on July 2022 to start a series of reports for $ATOM, we have some new data on August 2022 as promised.

Here’s the itinerary:

  • What’s the price(s) looking like?
Photo by David Travis

What’s the price(s) looking like?

$ATOM Price (Via CoinGecko) August 2022

August was a very consistent, yet humble month for price action. $ATOM didn’t deviate from a $10 low to a $13 high and compared to July we see much more solidified support and resistance levels. For reference, we had an average price of $9.70 for July 2022. Here’s some notable numbers for August:

  • High: $13.19 or $3,853,584,599 Marketcap

This isn’t nearly as much of a recovery as we saw in July, however, this does show momentum towards the top side, and we’ve increased our average 30 day price by ~20%. No signs seem to lead towards a weaker $ATOM in Augusts price action.

What is $ATOM Earning?

$ATOM Fee Value (Via Cosmoscan) August 2022

While the chart does have more action than July, we still seem to see a very consistent value driver for the chain. Notable mentions:

  • High: $1,750 TX’s Fee Accrual (8/24)

For comparison, here’s July:

  • High: $2,674.84 TX’s Fee Accrual (7/13)

Overall, that’s a good increase in value creation! We’re looking at overall growth in transaction volumes and revenue. September will be interesting as we may see $ATOM hover between July and August's numbers given September historically being a negative month for public markets. Time will tell.

Are we staking?

$ATOM Stake Ratio (Via Cosmoscan) August 2022

Let’s start with answering the question. Are we staking? Yes, we are staking, and in fact we’re staking more of the circulating supply than July and it seems to still be climbing.

While this may be bad for the Staking APR as these two metrics are correlated, this is very good for the security of the chain and (In the future) security of other chains. Now, here’s some stats:

  • High: 65.93% Tokens Staked

Great numbers, but to refresh here’s July.

  • High: 63.69% Tokens Staked

Everything is looking the same or better for July, however, there’s some small things you can derive from these metrics. Given we see an increase in price and a slight increase in staked tokens, it seems many users might be holding $ATOM in a more liquid capacity i.e., un-staked. Now, this is not a bad thing for $ATOM, nor am I against holding liquid tokens for any asset (I’m doing the same). This could mean that users are still weary of market conditions and aren’t keeping tokens illiquid(Staked/Defi).


Photo by Jake Green

August has been a weird one. We saw the S&P 500 climb and fall; we saw ETH and BTC start to pick up momentum and lose a bit towards the end of the month. We’re still quite far off of 2021 Highs, and likely will be for a while, but I have a lot of confidence in $ATOM and its corresponding ecosystems. The future is looking bright.


CSV (My Github): portfolio/Aug22_ATOM.csv at main · Izik-R/portfolio (

Coingecko API/Data: Crypto API Documentation | CoinGecko

Cosmoscan API/Data: Cosmoscan API

P.S: Got any API’s or Data for other chains? I want them! DM them to me anywhere you find me, but best on twitter @Izik_R

This is not financial advice!



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