September 2022 - $ATOM Stats

Fall has started, trees are orange, and $ATOM is…down, sort-of.

As mentioned in previous posts, this is a monthly series on the previous months data on $ATOM. See my last month's post here if you missed it.

Here’s the itinerary:

  • What’s the price(s) looking like?
Photo by Jeremy Thomas

What’s the price(s) looking like?

$ATOM Price (Via CoinGecko) September 2022

Alright, we aren’t down, but we’re barely up. From the beginning of the month to the end of the month we see a staggering 2% gain. Given we’re so early into October, it’s hard to say if we’re continuing on any decline, but the chart does suggest a return back to a $10 — $11 range. In previous posts I did mention that September is historically not a great month for markets, and jokes aside, we ended up pretty alright.

Here are the details of September:

  • High: $16.93 or $4,931,505,298.43 Marketcap

As a comparison, here’s what August looked like:

  • High: $13.19 or $3,853,584,599 Marketcap

Overall, September could have been much worse, and we held some very important support points throughout the turmoil. Next month will be an interesting one, and I believe October will be a test to how the rest of this year may turn out.

What is $ATOM Earning?

$ATOM Fee Value (Via Cosmoscan) September 2022

While the chart isn’t showing numbers through the roof, we did hear some incredible news from the recent Cosmoverse event. From my understanding, a lot of the idea’s discussed (ICS, MEV, The Scheduler, and some other concepts) are experimental and not completely decided. The news surrounding ATOM 2.0 was very thought provoking so please do check out the streams of the event. I have no doubt the team(s) will be working diligently to bring true value to $ATOM and its stake holders. I’m very excited for the future of the network and ready to learn more as it’s solidified.

Alright, enough ATOM 2.0, here’s how 1.0 did:

  • High: $6,675.14 TX’s Fee Accrual (9/23)

Not a bad month in terms of extraction! We had almost double the amount of value compared to August ($36,871.13). There’s still much left to be desired, however, a win is a win.

Are we staking?

$ATOM Stake Ratio (Via Cosmoscan) September 2022

September suggests minor growth/change in both illiquid and liquid supplies. Overall, a pretty dull month for Staking as we bounced within a 1% margin.

Here’s some stats:

  • High: 66.54% Tokens Staked

Although we consolidated and started to slightly lose value in the $ATOM token, we did maintain our number of tokens staked. It’s not much of a gain, but if we take a step back and think about the opportunities this opens up for ICS (Interchain Security), we couldn’t be in a better spot.


Photo by Clay Banks

With all the great news surrounding Cosmoverse, we have HUGE opportunity to gain market share and establish our position as the interchain capital of Web3. I’m incredibly proud to be a part of this ecosystem and I can’t wait to see the projects evolve.

I would like to give a huge shoutout to rMalakaib for explaining these new ATOM 2.0 concepts to me as I did not attend Cosmoverse myself. Please make sure to check out OBG and the Twitter spaces they host to see prominent figures in the Cosmos Ecosystem.


CSV (My Github): portfolio/Sept22_ATOM.csv at main · Izik-R/portfolio · GitHub

Coingecko API/Data: Crypto API Documentation | CoinGecko and or CoinGecko’s Python Package

Cosmoscan API/Data: Cosmoscan API

P.S: Got any API’s or Data for other chains? I want them! DM them to me anywhere you find me, but best on twitter @Izik_R

This is not financial advice!



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